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Are neighboring businesses taking up prime parking space on your property subjecting you to limited parking for your customers and increased liability exposure? Does your property suffer from fire lane and handicap abuse?

Are abandoned vehicles finding their way onto your property?

Have you experienced a dramatic rise in parking abuse following an aggressive parking meter system implemented by the City of Chicago?

Are neighboring residents utilizing your parking lot without authorization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help Our relocation towing services come at NO cost to property managers/owners. Our signage, Maintenance and permits are all FREE of charge. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the towing fees associated with this service. Stop dealing with parking hassles. One call is all it takes to have unauthorized vehicles legally removed from your parking lot.

Types of Services:
1. Spotting System: XL Towing staff will be assigned to periodically watch the lot for parking abuses during peak times. When a motorists is witnessed as being in violation for either leaving the property, parking in a fire lane/handicap etc.. the nearest tow truck will be dispatched to have the vehicle removed.

All violations are photo enforced and kept on file. This type of system is often the most effective and is frequently used for high congested areas where parking abuses are rampant and for businesses where parking is very limited. Once a violator’s vehicle is removed from the property, there is a low probability of the same motorist parking in violation a second time.

2. Patrol System: Lots can be set up for 24 hr patrol or during designated hours (ie.. after hours or overnight). XL Towing staff will periodically patrol the lot for unauthorized parkers. Parking permits are available free of charge to all of the properties we service.

3. Call System: Parking violators will be removed only upon receipt of a call from an authorized agent from the property.

Any combination of systems can be put into place to best service your property

To establish an account, please contact (773) 434-9731

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Why XL Towing?

Under the authority of the Illinois Commerce Commission, XL Towing is one of few companies licensed to conduct private property towing.

XL Towing & Storage, Inc. is a City of Chicago and Cook County certified and bonded WBE (Women Business Enterprise) company with excellent customer service.


Managed properties
Condo buildings
Commercial properties / businesses
Vacant lots

Patrol parking lots
Call parking lots
Permit parking


Illegally parked vehicles
Unauthorized parking
Illegal use of fire lane and handicap space
Abandoned vehicle removal
Blocked dumpsters, driveways, and exits

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